On-screen advertising

The BTCCA is now offering On-Screen Advertising to help showcase your business or event to our customers. Our ad reel runs for 45 minutes prior to all of our scheduled showtimes (Wednesday - Sunday) and will repeat itself until the movie starts. Each month our team will work to create new content and refresh our line-up with fun and engaging offerings that help keep the audience's attention.

How it works

Initial contact

After you submit the form below, our team will review your information and follow up. It's easiest for us to correspond through email, but we can accommodate phone calls or other means by request. You can either create your own ad slide or video and send it to us, or our team can work with you to create an ad that best represents what you want to advertise.


Upon completion of creating your ad, we will return it to you for review and approval before we publish it. Our team strives to deploy any new ads into our advertising reel around the first weekend of each month.



All basic advertisements must be submitted as a standard Microsoft PowerPoint slide.

All video advertisements must be a resolution of either: 

  • 1920 x 1080 (standard HD)
  • 2048 × 1080 (2k resolution)



The BTCCA is currently offering the following plans.*

  • 1 month of advertising: $75
  • 3 months of advertising: $200                (save $25)
  • 6 months of advertising: $375                (save $75)

* Prices shown reflect the cost to display a standard 30 second client created ad and does not include any add-ons or enhancements.


In addition to a standard ad, the advertising team offers various enhancements that can be purchased and added to your advertisement. For enhancement options and pricing not listed, please contact our advertising team below.

These enhancements include:

  • Upgrade from 30 second ad to 60 second ad.                                                                    + $25/mo
  • Submit a script that we will record and run with the duration of your ad.                 + $5/mo


If you're a local musician and want your  original music used as the soundtrack to our on-screen advertising, we want to hear from you! Your original songs will be played during the duration of our on-screen advertising reel and we will also create a slide with your picture, contact information, and/or any other information you want our audience to see.

If you would like to know more about this unique opportunity, please contact Laura Knorr at: manager@theberwicktheater.org


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